Healthy Green smoothie recipe

Simple Red & Green Smoothies

I have made these red and green smoothies countless time before. But I hesitated to post their recipes up here due to the fact that they […]
These sugar-free chocolate cookies are definitely the most healthy cookies for toddlers. Your toddler can enjoy as much of this treat as he desires. Presented by Healthy Little Plate.

Sugar-free chocolate cookies

Sometimes a big mistake can become a huge achievement. This sugar-free chocolate cookies recipe is an example. I was in Paris the other day looking for […]
berry ice-cream recipe

Mixed Berry Ice-Cream

Are you a big fan of ice-cream and on the look out for a guilt-free, healthy, easy ice-cream recipe that works? Or are you trying to […]
Healthy Little Plate presents 2 different types of homemade dumplings: steamed vegetarian dumplings for vegan toddlers and chicken dumplings for picky eaters.

Homemade dumplings

Like many other Asian you might have met, I have grown up eating countless dumplings in my life. Have I eaten a lot of pre-made store-bought […]
healthy little plate presents beautifully rich flavored homemade tomato sauce

Homemade Tomato Sauce

I came across a homemade ketchup recipe by Jamie Oliver the other day and I was so intrigued to try it. My oh my, it tasted […]
Healthy homemade fish cake recipe presented by healthy little plate. Good food for picky eater.

Homemade Fish Cake

Once in a while I would serve Angela some fried stuff to satisfy her craving and keep her from being bored with all the baked, steamed […]
Green Smoothie

Light Green Smoothie

You might have heard about green smoothie too much that you want to give it a try too but are afraid your little ones will not […]
seed crackers recipe

Crunchy Seed Crackers

Healthy fats play a very important role in every child’s growth. Unlike to adults, a low-fat diet can really affect toddlers’ growth negatively (both physically and […]
Orange Kiwi Popsicles

Sunshine Popsicles

August is one of the hottest months in some parts of the world; sadly, not here in the Netherlands. We have been experiencing a lot of […]
rainbow rice

Rainbow Rice

One thing you might be hearing a lot when you start looking into healthy nutritious food is “eat the rainbow”. What exactly does that mean? That […]