Green Tea Pancakes

Green Tea Pancakes

Green tea is probably (almost) the last thing you think of putting into your toddler foods. Let me tell you, I was the same too until […]
Energy Cookies

Chia-Hemp Energy Cookies

If you are looking for something healthy, compact, hearty and delicious to put into your preschooler’s lunchbox, these Chia-hempseeds Energy Cookies are no-doubt on the list. […]
Roasted Chickpeas

Healthy Toddler Snacks: Roasted Chickpeas

In a perfect world, your toddler will always gladly accept an apple (or any fresh fruit / veggie) handed to them as a mid-day snack. Well, […]
Baked Salmon Quinoa Sushi

Baked Salmon Quinoa Sushi

I have been terrified of the idea of giving my 2-year-old sushi that contains raw fish. My husband does not seem bother as he thinks the […]
Crunchy Prawn Rosti

Crunchy Prawn Rösti

This Prawn Rösti is what I call dressed-up traditional Swiss rösti ;). There is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional potato rösti, in fact it is very […]
Crunchy Kale Chips

Crunchy Kale Chips

Kale season is very swift around here. We only have access to kale between October – December. And almost always only the curly kale is available. […]
One of many healthy toddler foods recipes on Healthy Little Plate: Avocado Mayonnaise. Quick, delicious and healthy!

Healthy Toddler Foods: Avocado Mayonnaise

There is something about dipping sauce that kids (or us adults too ^^) seems to love soooooo much. I don’t know about yours but my 2-year-old […]
5 great foods to feed toddlers

5 Great Foods To Feed Your Toddlers

It is probably easier to name dozens of healthy foods that we know than to choose 5 foods that we think are the best to feed […]