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M y daughter – Angela – was diagnosed with severe eczema on both her face and body when she was 5 months old. She would scratch herself raw and bled all day long (it looked like she was covered in burn wounds). It was probably the most heart-breaking thing I have had seen in so many years. We have taken her to countless dermatologists and allergists, and every time they would prescribe her different types of creams to slather on, which did not work! Many of them just covered the painful-looking dry patches but none of them cured her eczema. Once I stopped putting them on her, the eczema just made its appearance back after a few days. It was most devastating when her doctors told me that there is no cure for eczema and hopefully she would grow out of it in a few years as many kids do (yeah hopefully!).

But as skeptical as I am when it comes to “health care” in general (I always call it sick care instead 😉 ), I was even more determined to find out how to cure my baby girl’s eczema. Plus the doctors might know more about eczema but I know Angela the best. So I went on researching and experimenting with different methods and guess what SHE IS ALMOST ECZEMA-FREE! Except for some very mild occasional flares up due to too hot/cold weather. What cured her eczema is a combination of things and the major one of them is her diet. No processed food, no salt, a lot of immune boosting spices and only homemade fresh organic food. It might sound like a lot of hassle but trust me, it does not take that long to prepare her meals plus it is all worth it.

I am not a specialist when it comes to eczema. But I do know what a never-ending tough battle it is and since it has worked for us, we would like to share our story to support families that are going through the same battle. Plus, even if following my diet here on Healthy Little Plate does not cure your eczema, it will surely improve your immune system, so it is worth trying.

For medical advice that is most relevant to your specific condition, please contact your local doctors.

Angela -  Healthy Little Kid

My Baby and Me

H i, my name is Bibi. I am the photographer, the cook and the owner of Healthy Little Plate. I have always been in love with all kinds of food (as long as it is delicious) but it was not until I was pregnant of Angela that I became much more conscious about what I eat. When my daughter was diagnosed with severe eczema, a part of me was blaming myself for not being able to eat cleaner before (I was still breastfeeding her so I thought the chemical residuals came with the conventional food I ate got transferred to her via breast milk, well, it is not exactly true but still I was feeling guilty). That was when I started looking into nourishing nutritious eating instead of just “delicious eating”. I feed Angela 99% fresh organic food (many of them are home-grown), the other 1% is a mixture of “what other people feed her when I am not around”.

Many kids are well-fed but still suffer from malnutrition. Many more are picky eaters (actually I think they all are). I hope what we have here on Healthy Little Plate will help mothers out there to get more inspirations on how to prepare healthy nutritious food for their little ones and food that their little ones will be excited to taste.

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