berry ice-cream recipe

Mixed Berry Ice-Cream

Are you a big fan of ice-cream and on the look out for a guilt-free, healthy, easy ice-cream recipe that works? Or are you trying to […]
seed crackers recipe

Crunchy Seed Crackers

Healthy fats play a very important role in every child’s growth. Unlike to adults, a low-fat diet can really affect toddlers’ growth negatively (both physically and […]
Orange Kiwi Popsicles

Sunshine Popsicles

August is one of the hottest months in some parts of the world; sadly, not here in the Netherlands. We have been experiencing a lot of […]
healthy popsicles

Mango – Strawberry Healthy Popsicles

My mother-in-law grows strawberries in hanging pots in our backyard (for both production and ornamental purpose) and they look so beautiful with all those delightful red […]
Crunchy Sweet Potato Chips

Crispy Sweet Potato Chips

Have you ever felt so bad seeing your little one beg for something but you just cannot bring yourself to give it to them? Well, I […]