• Start early. As soon as you begin feeding your little ones solid food, try to introduce various fruits and veggies everyday to them. Even if they don’t finish it or don’t like it the first time round, just keep doing that. This will form a habit of having a few portions of fruits and veggies per day for them.


  • Create food-arts. Try to present the food you’re going to serve your toddlers in a way that is pleasing their eyes, like make a flower garden, animal shape… out of fruits and veggies. This will stimulate their senses and ultimately encourages them to try the food.


  • Make fruit and veggie the only snack option in house. I know this one is difficult but if you don’t do it they will know there is that little bag of cookies sitting up there in the cupboard. When they do not have any other choices and they want a snack, they will eventually opt for what is available. The key is consistency and patience.


  • Be a good example! You can’t expect your kids to snack on fruits and veggies when you are sitting next to them devouring your bag of chips right? Kids learn from what we do, not what we say. So you go do what you want them to do. They will follow eventually! Eat your fruits, eat your veggies and let them see you do that ;). This applies to your partner too! It will be very difficult if you mammas are the only ones committing to feeding your toddler healthy stuff. Your partner plays a role too. If he doesn’t eat that much fruits / veggies himself then at least make it so whenever he eats other snacks: cookies, chips, cake…etc it is out of the sight of your little ones.


  • Get them involved. If you let your kids choose the ingredients or involved in preparing meals, they will be more interested in tasting the end result. So what are you waiting for? Let them pick the fruits/veggies/spices…etc for your dinner & let them help you whisk that little egg. It won’t be as quick as you normally do it but hey you might not get a half finished plate back at dinner today 😉


  • Allow treats (on occasion!). My toddler always gets to have some soft ice cream or French-fried when she goes shopping with her daddy (like once every few months). I don’t think that much amount of unhealthiness is too bad as long as she eats a well-balanced, healthy diet. Doing this will help your little one feel less forbidden à less craving for those unhealthy snacks.


  1. Mia says:

    Great tips!!!

  2. Bibi says:

    thank you Mia :)

  3. mrsanchelon says:

    Mijn dochter is gek op fruit en groenten. En ja, ze mag ook vaak genoeg een lekker koekje of chocolaatje (wel puur!) Zoals je weet: I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! Liefs, Eva

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