Sprout mung bean

If you are one of those people who consume a lot of mung bean sprouts like my family and do not have easy access to them, then this is definitely a useful post for you. First thing first, there are a lot of ways to sprout mung bean (or other beans) but I am going to introduce you to one of my favourite ways of all time. Using this method, it takes 2 days before you have beautiful, chubby and freshly sprouted mung beans to use. And with this method you will not have to deal with rotten mung bean sprouts as done using a jar. So let’s get sprouting!

sprout mung bean



  • 100g whole unpeeled mung beans
  • 4 damp cheese cloths, sterilized
  • 1 holed basket
  • 1 large salad bowl
  • 1 heavy plate (that can fit in the basket)


Wash the mung beans well and discard any bad beans (those normally float on the water surface). Soak the washed beans over night in cold water.

mung bean sprout method

First layer

The next morning you will see that the beans somewhat swell up. Give them a good rinse under running water.

Cover the basket with a cheesecloth (see picture: first layer above). Take a handful of soaked mung beans and spread them single layer onto the cheesecloth. Then cover the mung beans with another cheesecloth and spread another handful of mung beans on top. Repeat until you run out of beans. Cover the top with a cheesecloth, take the edges of the cheesecloths and fold them in then place the heavy plate on top (this simple heavy plate will make the sprouts much chubbier and sweeter but if it’s not what you’re after then omit this step).

sprout mung bean

Before going under the table.

Place the basket onto the large bowl and put it in a dark place where no sunlight can reach. I normally put it under our dining table (it’s the darkest place in our house).

Take the basket out and run under cold water then put it back on top of the large bowl 2-3 times / day (make sure that the bottom of the basket does not touch the bowl).

After 2 days the sprouts will be long and white. In order to save washing time, make sure you cut the roots of the sprouts (see picture) with a pair of scissor before putting them in a ziplock bag or before washing.

mung bean sprout

2 days after (my 2 bottom layers produce chubbier sprouts than this top one)


Due to the fact that we devour sprouts at the speed of light (well almost 😛 ), I make a new batch every 2-3 days. It might sound like a lot of effort but I really (REALLY) recommend you to try this method and you will surely see that it is SO simple.

Anyone interested in how to sprout seeds? Let me know in the comment below and I will be more than happy to share.

Happy sprouting!

xx Bibi

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