Green Smoothie

You might have heard about green smoothie too much that you want to give it a try too but are afraid your little ones will not like it? Here is the thing, your little ones will be likely to refuse any new food introduced to them, not just green smoothie. You are advised to try a dozen of time before completely give up on giving your baby/toddler a certain food. Chance is they will develop some level of acceptance to the “new food” you introduced and might eat it because after a few time that food just seems much more familiar. So toughen up and keep trying.

One thing I like about this green smoothie is that it is not very green in color. Don’t take the color lightly, unlike us, kids don’t associate green with healthiness or freshness but “not so sweet” flavor instead. So if your kids are unfamiliar with green smoothie, you might want to ease in slowly by giving them a very light green smoothie at first and increase the amount of added vegetables every once in a while. Angela doesn’t mind drinking green smoothie but she is yet a fan of this healthy drink. But at least with this method, I have succeeded in getting her to drink a large variety of greens without making her hate vegetables. Good luck!

Green Smoothie

Light Green Smoothie Recipe


  • 1 fully ripe banana
  • 1 big orange
  • A few small pieces pineapple
  • A handful of baby mustard leaves
  • 1 tsp. hempseeds


  1. Remove banana skin and chop into chunks. Juice the orange (I hand juiced it but you can also use your juicer if you prefer).
  1. In your blender, place washed baby mustard leaves at the bottom, then pineapple, banana and orange juice. Blend on medium until smooth.
  1. Top with hempseeds. I used cinnamon flavored hempseeds.

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